Deleting Toll Exceptions

Delete the toll exception entries for a specific facility from the Vocera Platform Web Console.

To delete toll exceptions, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Facilities in the Manage section of the navigation bar.
    The Hospital Locations page displays. The All Facilities section displays the facility name, number of departments in a facility, and a description of each facility.
  2. Locate the facility for which you want to edit the toll exception entries.
  3. Click the Options button in the far right of this facility.

  4. Select Edit Facility from the dropdown menu.

    The Edit Facility page appears with configuration fields and data related to the configuration fields.
  5. Scroll down to Telephony-Toll Exceptions section in the Edit Facility page.
  6. Click the Options button in the far right of the Toll Exception entry and select Delete from the dropdown menu.
    The Delete Toll Exception dialog box displays with fields and values that you want to edit.

  7. Click one of the one of the following to close the Delete Toll Exception dialog box:
    • Done — to update the access code changes in the system.
    • Cancel — to return to the Edit Facility page.
  8. Click Save in the Edit Facility page to update the facility information in the system.