Telephony High Availability

High availability provides load balancing, scalability, and redundancy features to ensure uninterrupted service.

You can install two Vocera Platform nodes at a single facility, one as a master node and the other as the standby node To enable telephony high availability, you can configure each node to run an instance of the telephony gateway. If additional telephony gateways are needed for increased capacity or to manage traffic at remote facilities, additional telephony gateway virtual machines can be provisioned.

Telephony high availability supports the following features:

Important: The Web Console allows you to specify only one telephony configuration per facility. If you deploy multiple telephony gateway services at one facility, all of them must use the same configuration. Each telephony gateway service installed at a facility must use the same signaling protocol and have the same capacity.

Generally, all telephony gateway services at a facility use the same PBX. However, they could use different PBXs as long as all PBXs have the same configuration for the trunks to the telephony gateway services and the same capabilities for off-PBX dialing (for example, tie lines).