Logging Into My Workflow

You can typically log into the Vocera Platform Web Console using the credentials you provide for other applications in your organization (your Active Directory credentials).

Use the following steps to log into the Vocera Platform Web Console using Active Directory authentication:

  1. In your browser, type the URL of the Vocera Platform Web Console that your administrator has provided for you.

    The Vocera Platform login screen appears.

  2. Specify the following values:
    Field Description


    Enter your username (up to 250 characters).


    Enter your password (up to 127 characters).

  3. Click Log In.

    The Vocera Platform Web Console screen appears.

  4. If the My Workflow page is not visible, select My Workflow from the panel at the left.

    The My Workflows page displays. See The My Workflow Home Screen Layout for more information.