Receiving an Alert

When you receive an alert, you receive a notification if the alert has not already been accepted and if it has not yet expired, or if the alert can be accepted by multiple people and you have not accepted it. The alert is added to the list of conversations in the Home screen.

If the context of the alert is a specific patient, information on this patient is displayed in the alert if your administrator has granted you permission to view patient data. Otherwise, the location of the patient is displayed.

Icon Priority




  1. When the notification appears:
    • If the notification does not provide responses:

      • Click Accept to accept the alert.
      • Click Decline to decline the alert.
      • Click View to view the alert before deciding whether to accept or decline it. See About Alert Details for more information.

    • If the notification includes a selection of multiple choice responses, click the response that you want to send.

  2. If you are viewing an alert that you have not accepted or declined, click Accept/Decline to display the Accept, Decline, and View options again.