Vocera Platform Features

This section contains a list of features and enhancements supported in the latest version of Vocera Platform.

For more details on these features, refer to the appropriate section in the Vocera Platform Administration Guide.

You may also want to refer to the latest version of Vocera V-Series Smartbadge User Guide Vocera Vina User Guide for Android, and Vocera Vina User Guide for Apple iOS for additional usage instructions on these features.

The following table shows a list of features and enhancements supported in the latest version of Vocera Platform and where to find these feature in the Vocera Platform Administration Guide

Features and Enhancements Where to find this feature?

Add a patient context to conversations.

When you are creating a conversation in theVocera Platform Messaging Console, you can now specify a patient as the context of the conversation.

Adding a Context to a Group Chat.

View alert details and other alert functions.

TheMessaging Console now supports the ability to send and receive alerts, which enables you to respond to urgent or important situations immediately.

Here is some of the functionality that alerts provide:

  • View alerts using both menu and desktop notifications
  • View alerts based on priority
  • Receive automatic invitations to join alerts
  • Create common alerts using a template

About Alerts

About Alert Details.

Adding a Template

Multiple users can accept alerts.

You can configure your system to enable multiple users to accept an alert. This is useful if an emergency situation requires several people to respond.

About Alerts.

Patient data display is restricted for unauthorized users.

You can now configure your system to prevent unauthorized users from viewing sensitive patient data. Users that belong to specified groups cannot view patient data, but can only view patient locations.

When a user starts a new chat or call, or manages favorites, the user's home department is not displayed at the top of the list in the Vocera Vina app or on theMessaging Console.

Limiting Access to Patient Data and Example: Limiting Access to Patient Information.

Hide user's home departments.

The system administrator can configure the system to hide the display of a user's home department. When this feature is configured, the user's home department is not displayed on the screen when the user starts a new chat or call or manages favorites.

Hiding the User Department and Example: Hiding User Department Group.

Groups can now display subgroups.

When you click a group name to display its members in the Vocera Vina smartphone app or Messaging Console, you may see one or more member groups (nested groups). You can click on a subgroup name to display the members of that subgroup.

Starting a Conversation.

Upload profile photo to your My Profile page.

You can add or change your profile photo on your My Profile page. You cannot edit your profile photo if it is uploaded to the system through your organization's active directory integration.

Adding or Editing a Profile Photo.

Notes field for Groups and Users.

System administrator can enter notes with information on the Group membership and permissions. This may be useful when a new person is assigned the system administrator role. Similarly, they can also add notes for a specific user in the system.

Adding a Group and Adding a User.

Ability to clone Templates.

You can now create templates with matching data using the clone template feature. You no longer need to spend your valuable time to manually add the same data multiple time to create new templates.

Clone Templates.

Tracking feature usage analytics.

Vocera Platform can now send feature usage analytics data from the web and mobile clients to the cloud. System administrators can disable usage analytics if this feature is not desired.

Note: Feature usage analytics does not track any personal data.

Disable Usage Analytics Policy Item

Group members can now add and remove themselves from a group.

In Vocera Vina, Group members with the right set of permissions can add or remove themselves from a group.

Granting Voice Permissions.

Upload log files to the server.

You can now upload a log file of your activity to the server from the Vocera Platform Messaging Console. This allows you to identify any issues that may occur in your system.

Uploading Log Files.

Custom Preset Options for Presence Status.

You can create custom preset options and select one of these options to display as your presence status.

A custom preset option is a presence status setting that allows a user to specify the presence state (available or unavailable) with some customized information. System administrators can create custom preset options for users in a Facility. Users can scroll through the available preset options and click or tap to choose the option that they want.

About Custom Presets