Auto-discovery of Vocera Vina Devices

When Vocera Vina is started on a device, a startup screen appears on which the user can specify the XMPP domain of the Vocera Platform. You can autoconfigure the Vocera Vina client to display and auto-accept the XMPP domain on this startup screen.

The simplest auto-discovery is to set up a CNAME named autodiscovervcxmpp in DNS. Ask your IT department to create a DNS CNAME entry for autodiscovervcxmpp.searchdomain, where searchdomain is the DHCP search domain for the Wi-Fi network that your Vocera Vina devices will be on. Often, this will be the same as your organization’s domain: for example,

The CNAME should point to the XMPP domain name configured on your Vocera platform. For example, with the following record, Vocera Vina will discover that the XMPP domain is 3600 IN CNAME

The Vocera Vina client searches in the following order:

This process repeats in the background while no XMPP domain has been found, if the user has not manually typed the domain.