Limiting Access to Patient Data

You can define a group and specify that its members can access patient locations only, not patient data. This restriction enables you to ensure that only authorized persons can view sensitive patient information.

  1. Follow the steps in Setting a Security Policy to create a new security policy.
  2. When you are following these steps, and you are adding the security policy item to the security policy that you are creating, select the Controls access to patient details policy item from the Policy Item Type dropdown list.
  3. In the Value dropdown list that appears, select restricted. This enforces limited access to patient data.

    You now see the following in the list of displayed policy items:

    See Mobile Client Security Policy Items for a complete description of this policy item.

Any user that is a member of a group for which this security policy is enforced and who logs into Vocera Vina or the Vocera Platform Messaging Console cannot view patient data. Only the patient location is available to these users.

For an example of how this configuration option works, see Example: Limiting Access to Patient Information.