Adding a Custom Preset

You can use the Vocera Platform Web Console to create a new custom preset availability status.

  1. Login to the Vocera Platform Web Console as an administrator.
  2. Click My Workflow.
  3. Click Manage Presence States.
  4. In the Select Facility screen, click the name of the facility for which you want to create a custom preset. The Manage Presence States screen appears.

  5. Click Create New Presence State.

  6. Click Available or Unavailable to create a new custom preset in which the user is available or unavailable.

  7. In the Status field, type your new custom preset.

  8. If you are creating an Unavailable custom preset, optionally use the Duration field to define the length of time for which the user is unavailable when he or she selects this custom preset.

  9. Click Create to create the new custom preset.