Cloning a Template

Create a copy of a new template and save it to the system.

To clone a new template, follow these steps:

  1. Select Templates in the Manage section of the navigation bar. You can choose to create a new template or edit an existing template to create a clone.
  2. Click the Add Template button to create a new template.
  3. Enter a value for all configuration fields for the new template, see Adding a Template for more information on each configuration section and field information.
  4. Click the Clone button on the far right hand corner of the New Template page.

    Note: You must enter a value for fields with an asterisk * before you proceed to create a clone.
    A copy of the template is created and the system automatically appends the Template Name with " (Copy #)" to indicate that this is a clone. For example, the following screenshot shows a Staff Meeting (Copy 1) clone template. The system automatically adds "(Copy 1)" to the Template Name to indicate that this is a clone of an existing template.

    All fields, except the Group field in the Sharing Options configuration sections contain the same data as the source template.

    Note: If the new template name is too long (50 characters), the Clone template name writes over as many characters as needed to fit the " (Copy #)" in the template name. For example, if the template name is "weekly staff meeting to start at 2pm in building A", then the clone template name will be,"weekly staff meeting to start at 2pm in b (Copy 1)".
  5. Make any additional changes to configuration field values to the clone template.
  6. Select one of the following to close the Edit Template page.
    • Save — to add the clone template to the system.
    • Cancel — to return to the Templates page without saving any changes.