Creating a New Adapter Instance

Once an adapter component is installed, you can create an instance of that adapter in the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Before you create a new adapter instance, you may want to understand the information required for the configuration fields associated with an adapter. Refer to the individual adapter guides listed on the Vocera Adapters page on the Vocera Documentation Portal.

The adapter configuration guides describe the information that must be provided in the configuration fields for a specific adapter. You may also want to review the recommended best practice installation process outlined for each adapter.

To create an adapter instance, follow these steps:

  1. Select New Adapter in the Adapters page.
    The Create a New Adapter page displays.

  2. In the Create a New Adapter page, you can select an installed adapter component to implement. Enter a value for the following configuration fields:



    Component Name

    Click the Component Name field to display a list of installed adapters. Select the name of the adapter to create an instance.
    Note: When the Component Name is selected, additional fields unique to the selected adapter are displayed. For additional information on these additional fields, refer to the selected adapter configuration guide available on the Vocera Adapters documentation page.

    Reference Name

    Enter a short descriptive name in the Reference Name field to uniquely identify an adapter instance.

    See the Vocera Adapters documentation for adapter-specific configuration details.


    Select the Enabled checkbox to allow the Vocera Platform to use the new adapter. An adapter instance can be created, but it will not be available to Vocera Platform until Enabled is checked in the adapter's configuration settings.

    See the Vocera Adapters documentation for adapter-specific configuration details.

  3. Select one of the following to close the Create New Adapter page:
    • Save — to save the new adapter information to the system.
    • Reset — to reset the values provided in the configuration fields.
    • Cancel — to cancel the changes and return back to the Adapters page.

After you create the adapter instance, you can use the Upload option to upload an adapter bundle to Vocera Platform; see Uploading a Bundle for more information.