System Specifications

The system specifications for the Vocera Communications EMDAN product.

System Specifications

The system specifications listed here are the minimum settings that Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification (EMDAN) requires to function. Installation planning, configuration, and other system related activities should be managed by Vocera Communications personnel.

In this EMDAN documentation, the term "appliance" refers to the Vocera software and any hardware that may be required to run EMDAN.

Supported Browsers

The Vocera application is managed via a browser-based interface. A supported browser is required to install, support, and manage EMDAN.

Supported browsers include:

Virtual Host

Vocera will provide the appliance as an .ovf file containing the entire Virtual Machine (VM) and application. See Virtual Machine Installation for the current VM requirements.

Physical Appliance

Vocera may provide a physical appliance. See Appliance Installation for the current requirements for the appliance environment.


All network segments from the monitor to the fixed or mobile communication device should have a network latency for an 8000 byte packet of no more than 70 milliseconds, or an end-to-end latency of no more than 500 milliseconds.

The following table describes the firewall requirements which should be configured in order to successfully install, update, and support the Vocera application and its operating system.

Port Destination Purpose
22 ( Remote Support (SSH)
443 (

Initial Server Provisioning

Port must be left open for Remote Support

443 ( Upgrade repository for OS & Application


An ADT HL7 feed is required for patient information to be available in alert messages. Vocera will manage the installation settings.

Medical Device

EMDAN does not interact directly with medical devices, such as patient monitors. Medical device interaction with a medical device data aggregator is managed outside of EMDAN.

Nurse Call System

EMDAN integrates with a nurse call system.

Enterprise Mobile Device Management System

Refer to Approved Adapters for additional information.

EMDAN integrates with an enterprise mobile device system, such as a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system, to deliver messages. Vocera will manage the EMDAN installation settings. The minimum setup requirements are dependent on the enterprise mobile device management system selected.


Refer to Devices for a list of supported devices.

EMDAN integrates with mobile devices, such as the Cisco IP wireless phone, to display information which the mobile device requests.

EMDAN also integrates with fixed devices, such as Cisco 7945 and 7962 desk phones.