Monitor the Device

This page describes the importance of monitoring device activity.


Extension Healthcare provides facilities with alerting and device messaging functionality that allows staff to efficiently perform their responsibilities. Optimal use of Extension's Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification is dependent on a number of subsystems and the user actions and awareness. During use of the Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification solution, it is important that users maintain awareness regarding the operation of the overall solution.

This section of the Directions For Use (DFU) is intended to describe the importance of monitoring the activity of the device.

Monitoring the Device

Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification will send a notification to your device when an alert is received. It is important to monitor the activity and use of your device. As you become more familiar with the solution and devices this will be easier as you will know what to expect on a day to day basis. This section will help you during the transition period while you familiarize yourself with the device and processes. Regardless of problem, if you feel that it has been too long since your last alert or message please refer to the Troubleshooting guide for common issues and solutions.

Connectivity of the Mobile Device

It is important to note the wireless coverage of your facility. For example, does the wireless coverage extend to inside an elevator? In many instances it will not; therefore you will not receive alerts or be able to send messages. While most of your activity will keep you within your coverage area, it is important to note that there may be areas of your facility that simply do not have coverage. If you feel that too much time has passed since your last message or alert, look at the device to see if you currently have connectivity to the wireless network. This can be determined by looking at the screen to see if you have a wireless icon on your mobile device.

In the event of a network failure, you may lose device connectivity to the wireless network. Again, being aware of the activity, or lack of activity from Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification via your device, and visually inspecting the wireless network icon on your device screen can help you identify a potential network failure and implement down time procedures. Please follow your facilities' down time procedures.

Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification monitors IT infrastructure, including the network, and will automatically generate messages notifying the staff of problems. Be aware that should you lose network connectivity of the device, you will not be able to receive messages from Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification until network connectivity is restored.

Handset Battery Life

In some instances the battery life of the mobile device may be the cause of not receiving alerts and messages. The instructions at shift change are to replace the battery in the device with the battery that is in the charging unit. For smartphones, the instructions are to place the device in the charging station and pick up a fully charged device. This may not have occurred. Additionally, towards the end of the life of the battery you may notice that the charge will not hold as long as it did at the beginning of its life. This can be checked by looking at the screen on the device and making note of the battery life icon.