Maintenance Instructions

The maintenance activities required for the device including maintenance, software updates, database backups.


This section of the Directions For Use (DFU) is intended to describe the maintenance activities required for the device.

Maintenance Instructions

Extension Healthcare's Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification requires a mobile device, and a computer system with a web browser. There is minimal maintenance for the end user. All maintenance is completed via a push method. This allows Extension to push necessary changes directly to the user without user intervention.

Software Updates

Periodically, Extension will release updates to our software, and upgrades to the capability of our system. This is completed in a planned fashion with your facility's IT department. We will provide release notes detailing the proposed changes to current software, new functionality that will be released, and any known issues at the time of release. There is no action required on the part of the user. The software updates will be pushed out and take effect automatically.

Database Backup

Daily, at 4am, the server will create a backup of the Extension database. This database is in a ready state and able to be restored to a client site. This may be necessary in the case of loss of data, loss of server hardware, or a similar situation which would require a restoration of the database. Extension Support is able to provide this service at any time required, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. As an extra precaution, in the event of a hardware failure, the database backup should be configured to export to a network shared drive on the customer’s local network. This option is configured within the Extension Admin Console.