This page describes the initialization phase of implementation for the Vocera Communications EMDAN product.


The following sections define the Key Tasks required to initiate the solution implementation.

Conduct Kick-Off Call

The goal of this kick-off call is to ensure that the participants will walk away with a clear understanding of the scope of the project, what the key responsibilities of each participant are, and a general project timeline. A power point presentation will be presented during the call that outlines the main talking points of the discussion. The Vocera Communications Project Manager will discuss a high level overview of the clinical work flow assessment, and will also facilitate scheduling another meeting between the hospital clinical stakeholders and the Vocera Specialist to discuss alarm design and workflow.

Define Systems and Endpoints Involved

Based on the scope of the project agreed upon during the kick off call, the systems to be interfaced and the endpoints to be used will be identified. It is important to define at this stage exactly what endpoints and systems are being used; where/when they are being used, and if systems are currently communicating to other systems.

Define High Level Project Timeline

Working backwards from a desired go live date, the timeline of the overall project will be defined and each phase will have a desired completion date. The project's key stakeholders will have an opportunity to review before they sign off on the high level project timeline.

Review of Vocera Server Specifications

The Vocera server specifications will be reviewed with the appropriate personnel from your facility. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place for the Virtual Machine (VM).

Provisioning Request for VM

The Vocera Project Manager will request the VM be provisioned. The request that is sent to Vocera Support will contain the following information:

License Key from Extension

Vocera will issue a unique license key via email that will be used during the appliance provisioning process.

It will be your responsibility to download the virtual appliance image (.ovf file) after the virtual server has been provisioned from the Vocera FTP site. Your IT department will use an FTP client and connect to the Vocera FTP site.