Implementation Overview

This page introduces the implementation project phases for installing the Vocera Communications EMDAN product.

Introduction to Implementation

This section of the Directions For Use (DFU) provides a high level description of the implementation and installation of Vocera Communications Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification.

The purpose of this document is to describe the implementation methodology for Vocera Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification. This document provides a general guide for the Implementation process. Each customer's implementation process will vary based on their unique environment, how they wish to deploy and use Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification, and the particular configuration of the overall system. In addition to pre-implementation and post-implementation procedures, there are five repeatable phases of this implementation process that may be used by the customer including: initiate, design, build, deploy, and closure. This methodology should be used as a guiding principle, not a playbook. The technical installation manual is considered to be the step by step set of instructions for the technical installation of the solution.

Project Phases

The implementation of this solution will be managed using standard project management methods. This includes defining a project plan, conducting regular status calls, and assigning and tracking tasks. Although a sample project plan is available, it is not possible to account for all your unique needs with a single plan. Therefore, the plan will be modified to meet your facility's needs.

The following sections will walk through the various stages of the implementation and the Key Tasks to be completed within each phase: