Disposal Instructions

How to safely dispose of the solution.


This section of the Directions For Use (DFU) is intended to explain how to safely dispose of the solution.

Disposal Instructions

The Engage solution requires a physical machine that will host the Extension Healthcare, Inc. operating system and software. Extension realizes that a situation may arise that would include the disposal of the physical machine. It is important to note that some Personal Health Information (PHI) may still exist within the machine; therefore it is important to dispose of the system appropriately.

Virtual Machine Disposal

Extension Healthcare, Inc. recommends following your internal procedures for the destruction of a virtual machine. There will be no physical hardware to dispose of, due to the nature of a virtual machine.


The prior recommendation should not be used in place of your facility's processes and procedures in regards to the destruction of data and disposal of machinery. This recommendation is provided in lieu of any processes or procedures in your facility and should be used as a guideline to develop your own.