Appliance Installation

This page contains the requirements and steps for a customer to install a physical appliance containing the Vocera Communications Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification (EMDAN) product.


Follow the steps in this document to assemble an appliance rack to hold an Vocera appliance at the customer facility.

Be aware that there are a variety of rack units on the market, which may mean the assembly procedure will differ slightly. Refer to the installation instructions that came with the rack unit you are using.

For additional details on the appliance rack used in this page, see the SC512 User Manual.

Minimum Requirements for Appliance Environment

Warning: Risk of Failure if Dropped or Subjected to Vibration. Avoid dropping the appliance. Do not expose the appliance to vibration. Complete all Customer Acceptance Testing after installation to ensure proper functioning of the appliance.

Installing the Chassis into a Fixed Bracket Rack

In this process, first install the inner rail to the chassis, then install the outer rail to the rack, and finally install the chassis in the rack.

The chassis package includes two rack rail assemblies in the rack mounting kit. Each assembly consists of two sections: an inner fixed chassis rail that secures directly to the server chassis, and an outer fixed rack rail that secures directly to the rack itself. The package comes with "chassis ears" that allow the chassis to use generic rails.

Warning: Electrical Hazard – Do not open the appliance case. Opening the case exposes personnel to the risk of electrical shock from contact with electrical components. Contact support and return the appliance to Vocera if needed.

Installing the Inner Rail Vocera

First locate and remove the three screws holding the chassis ear in place. Remove both chassis ears.

Then place the inner rail on the side of the chassis, aligning the hooks of the chassis with the rail holes. Use the figure below as a guide to position the rails on the chassis.

Slide the rail toward the front of the chassis to secure the rail in place. Secure the chassis with four flathead screws.

Repeat these steps for the other inner rail Vocera.

Installing the Outer Rails into the Rack

Attach the short bracket to the outside of the long bracket, aligning the pins with the slides as shown below. Both bracket ends must face the same direction.

Adjust both the short and long brackets to the proper distance so that the rail fits snugly into the rack. Secure the long bracket to the front side of the outer rail with two M5 screws and the short bracket to the rear side of the outer rail with three M5 screws, as shown below. Use a washer with each screw.

Repeat these steps for the other outer rail.

Installing the Chassis into the Rack

Warning: Electrical Hazard – Protect the Vocera appliance power cord from fraying and any wiring from exposure. Prevent service or clinical personnel from receiving electrical shock due to contact with exposed wiring or power cords.
Warning: Thermal Hazard – Ensure that there is adequate ventilation. Adequate ventilation is required to prevent the appliance from overheating, or a mechanical failure generating excessive heat. Inadequate ventilation may result in personnel receiving a burn from the appliance.

At this point, the inner rails are attached to the chassis and the outer rails are attached to the rack unit.

Now align the chassis rails with the front of the rack rails, as shown below.

Slide the chassis rails into the rack rails, keeping the pressure even on both sides. It may be necessary to depress the locking tabs when inserting. When the server has been pushed completely into the rack, you should hear the locking tabs "click" into the locked position.

Insert and tighten the thumbscrews that hold the front of the server to the rack.

Installing the Chassis into a Telco Rack

The compact design allows the chassis to be installed into a Telco rack without use of rails. These steps describe how to install the chassis into a mid-mount Telco rack.

First, remove the chassis rails and the chassis ears if the ears are installed at the front of the chassis.

Locate the three screw holes in the middle of the chassis and secure the ears to the chassis with three flat head screws. Make sure the screws are secure, but do not over tighten the screws.

Hold the chassis in the telco rack and screw the chassis to the rack using the three screw holes located in the chassis ears, as shown below. Now the chassis is held in place by the chassis ears and does not slide in and out of place.


This completes the steps for installing the physical appliance in a facility.