Using the Vocera Badge or Phone in a Conference

While you are in a conference with a Vocera badge or phone, you still have access to every other Vocera function. You can place and receive calls, send and listen to messages, and perform every other task you are accustomed to using the badge or phone.

If you are in a conference, you can press the Call button to hear the Genie prompt, then issue a command like you usually do. If you press and hold the Call button, however, you initiate a conversation with everyone at the conference.

Summoning the Genie takes precedence over a conversation in a conference. That is, you can interrupt an active conversation in a conference by pressing the Call button to issue a command. Similarly, any incoming calls are also routed to your Vocera device, interrupting an active conference.

The Do Not Disturb state is also effective in a conference. If your Vocera device is in Do Not Disturb mode, you are not interrupted when someone begins a conversation in a conference. However, you cannot use the Hold/DND button to cancel an active conference. Only pressing the Call button to summon the Genie can cancel an active conference.

Call blocking is not effective in a conference. If you are blocking calls from someone who is in a conference with you, you will still hear that person during a conference, although your Vocera device continues to block the direct calls of the person.

Waiting in a conference does not consume additional power and you have access to all other Vocera commands. You can stay at a conference as long as you want. In many situations, you may want to be at a conference the entire time you are using your badge or phone.