Starting a Code Lavender Broadcast Call

You must have Code Lavender enabled for your Site to start a Code Lavender broadcast call.
In a live Code Lavender broadcast event, group members receive a Code Lavender broadcast call alert with a message from the call initiater. Vocera badge halo turns to purple for 5 minutes as soon as the recipients press the Call button on the badge.
Note: You can not cancel a live Code Lavender call.
  1. Press the Call button and say, "Start a Code Lavender for <group name>".
    Genie responds with, "I think you said to Start Code Lavender for <group name>, is this correct ?"
  2. Say "yes" to initiate a Code Lavender broadcast call to your group.
    Genie confirms by saying, "Starting Code Lavender for <group name>"
  3. All the Group members immediately receive a call alert on their badge, and when they press the Call button, the badge halo changes from green to purple color to indicate the beginning of a Call Lavender event.