Voice Reminder Limitations and Interval Usage

The "Record a reminder" command is designed to create short-term or long-term voice reminders from your badge. It is important to understand the limitations and proper usage to record a voice reminder successfully.

Adhere to the following when creating a voice reminder:
The table below shows the minimum and maximum frequency/duration you can set for recurring reminders.
Note: If you do not set a duration on a recurring reminder, it defaults to 24 hours. Reviewers: does this still apply?
Frequency Duration Example

Every hour

Every x minutes, where x is from 5 to 90 minutes

Every y hours, where y is from 1 to 23

Every x minutes and y hours, where x is from 1 to 59, and y is from 1 to 23

Every weekday at

y hours, x minutes from sd to ed, where weekday is a day of the week, y is from 1 to 23, and x is from 1 to 59, sd is the start date and ed is the end date.

For non-recurring and recurring (short-term) reminders: 1 to 24 hours

For recurring reminders with a future end date: The long-term recurring reminders lasts till the end date.

You can specify:
  • "… every 30 minutes"
  • “…every 5 minutes for the next 8 hours”
  • “…every 8 hours for the next 24 hours”
  • "...every Wednesday (specify any day of the week) starting September 12, 2018 (current or a future start date) at 2 pm till November 14, 2018 (a future end date).
You cannot specify:
  • "… every 100 minutes"
  • “…every 2 minutes for the next 48 hours”
  • “…every 100 minutes for the next 2 days”
  • “…every 88 minutes for the next 2 weeks”
  • "...past dates or times for recurring reminders with a start and end date.