Logging In and Out

You can use voice commands to log in and log out of your device.

Important: If someone is already logged in to your Vocera device when you receive it, ensure that you log out and login.

If you use a Vocera device while logged in as someone else, people will not be able to contact you. Take a look at the screen on the device to make sure it displays your name. If the screen displays another name, press the Call button and say “Log me out.” Then press the Call button again and log in by saying or spelling your name when the Genie prompts you.

Action Recommended Commands
Log in

Press the Call button and then say your first and last name when prompted.

Log out Log me out.
Find out who is logged in to your device Who am I?
Listen to the welcome tutorial Play Welcome Tutorial.
Log in at a site you are visiting
  1. Press the Call button and then wait to hear the log-in prompt.
  2. Connect to your home site as follows:

    Connect to Santa Cruz.

  3. Wait for the next log-in prompt, then say or spell your name as usual:

    April Buckley.

If your organization shares Vocera devices, ensure you log out when you are finished using your device. Turning the power off or removing the battery does not log you out—the Genie remembers that you were logged in when the device gains power again.

You can log into the system on only one Vocera device at a time. If you try to log in with a second device, the Genie reminds you and asks you to confirm the login and when you say "Yes," the system logs you into the new device and logs you out from the first Vocera device.