Genie Notification Prompts

When you first log into the Vocera Server with your badge, there are several messages that the Genie may provide.

The table below lists the type of available prompts, the Genie's notification, the condition under which the prompt is played, and the user action.

For more information, refer to Logging in and Out.

Type of Prompt Genie Says Condition User Action
Call Forwarding Reminder You are forwarding all calls to Played after login if a user is forwarding all calls to an outside phone number/extension or to a Vocera user/group. Determine if you still want your calls forwarded and take the appropriate action. For more information, refer to Forwarding Your Calls.
New Features List Vocera has changed the way you receive incoming calls. First you’ll hear the name of the person calling you.  Wait until the Genie asks you to accept the call before you say yes or no. You can also use the call button to respond yes or the do-not-disturb button to respond no at any time.

Played for existing users after an upgrade from 4.3 to a later version of Vocera Server.

New users created after the upgrade and in future releases will not hear the new features prompt.

None needed.
Record a Name Reminder

First login: You haven't recorded your name yet. Can we record you name now?

Second login: I see you still haven't recorded your name. Can we record you name now?

Thrid login: I still do not have your name recorded. Recording your name can help others learn how to pronounce it correctly. Can we record you name now?

This reminder is played after an upgrade from 4.3 to a later version of Vocera Server.

If the user fails to record a name, the genie prompts increase intensity with each subsequent login.

Record your name to stop the Genie prompts.
(Optional) Add a User to a Group Reminder

Would you like to add yourself to multiple groups?

[Yes]. Okay, great! Say a group name each time you hear the tone. Press the call button once you are done.

This prompt is played only when your administrator enables this in the Vocera properties file.

By default, this prompt is turned off.

Provide the name of the group or groups for which you want to be added as instructed by the Genie.
Who Called (For Missed Calls or Messages) You had a call /message from <caller name>

Played for users that received a missed call or message.

If you have a combination of missed calls and messages, the Genie will refer to these as "messages".