Locating a Vocera User or Group Member

You can locate another Vocera user or group member at your site or a different site.

To find a Vocera user or group member in your location or neighboring locations, press the Call button and tell the Genie to Locate the nearest User or Locate a nearest member of Group name.

To locate a Vocera user or group member at a different site, you must first connect to that site using the "Connect to Site" command. After you are connected to the site, use one of the "Locate" voice commands.

Important: The voice command Find ("Find John Smith" for example) will call the user or group.
Action Recommended Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Locate another user or group member *

Where is John Smith?

Locate John Smith?

Locate nearest member of Tech Support?

Locate closest member of Tech Support?

Find out your current location * Where am I?


Find out the current location of another user * Where is John Smith?  
Find a group member near a certain location * Locate a member of Tech Support near The Cafeteria.