Creating a Custom Help Prompt

If you prefer to implement a custom Help prompt instead of the Vocera Genie Help, you can create a customize Genie response.

In previous versions of Vocera Voice Server, if you spoke the Help command to the Genie, the system provided the standard prompt: "No help is currently available". Since some customers want to direct their users to specific help options, they can create a customized Help prompt.

For example, the Help prompt could direct users to a Vocera super user, an administrator, an internal Web site, or a local help desk for assistance.

Note: You cannot use a custom help prompt and Genie Help at the same time. If Genie Help is preferred, you must remove the custom file from your system before using these feature.

For more information, refer to the Vocera Administration Guide in the chapter titled, "Providing a Custom Help Prompt" and contact Vocera Customer.