Easter Eggs

Use the Easter Eggs voice command to delight and inspire patients and co-workers.

This table shows the commands and Genie responses:

Commands The Genie Says
Call Captain Kirk Captain Kirk is busy in another Galaxy at the moment!
Make it so OK, I made it but you will have to unmake it!
Beam me up! Sorry the transporter feature is still under development.
Beam me down! I don't think I can do that!
Good bye Live long and prosper!
I’m having a bad day

Take a deep breath and know that you are helping to save a life today.

My Vocera is broken

Are you sure it’s not your wireless or the way you are holding your badge.

Genie, I have a wish Your wish is my command
Genie, obey my commands

First you must follow my rules!

Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho, Santa hopes you feel better
Mrs. Claus Santa is watching you, be brave
Easter Bunny Hopping you feel better
I need a hug Warm fuzzies coming your way
Houston, we have a problem Keep calm, and call a super hero