Call Waiting

If you hear a call-waiting tone during a call, it means that someone is trying to call you and the call is waiting.

The name of the person calling you will flash on your badge or phone display.

Accepting a waiting call

To accept a waiting call, perform the following tasks:
  1. Press the Call button.

    Vocera puts the first call on hold and connects the second call.

  2. Press the Call button again, when you are done speaking.

    Vocera ends the second call and returns to the original call.

Refusing a waiting call

To refuse a waiting call, perform one of the following tasks:
  • Press the Hold/DND button.
  • Ignore it.
  • If possible, use the DND button to refuse the call and cancel the call waiting tone immediately.

Vocera treats the second call as an unanswered call. The caller is either prompted to leave a message or forwarded to a destination you have chosen. For more information, refer to Forwarding Your Calls.