Calling Telephone Numbers

If the Vocera Telephony Solution Software is installed on your system, you can ask the Genie to call telephone numbers.

Separate permissions are required to make calls to in-house extensions, local numbers, and long-distance numbers.

The following commands are available:

Action Recommended Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Call an extension * Dial extension 5120.  
Transfer a call to a desk extension * Transfer to extension 5120.  
Call a local or long distance telephone number * Dial an outside number. Call an outside number.
Note: You cannot use “Get me an outside line” as an alternate form of “Dial an outside number.” This alternate command has been removed because it interferes with the “Get me John Smith“ command.

Use the same command to make local and long distance calls. When the Genie prompts you for the number, say both the area code and the phone number, even when calling a local number. If the area code you say matches the local area code or toll-free area codes set up by your system administrator, the call will be considered local.

You cannot place an international call by speaking a series of digits. However, you can specify an international number for a buddy or an address book entry, then use the corresponding name in a voice command. For example, if you specify an international phone number for an address book entry named German Office, you could place a call by saying, "Call German Office."

The Genie understands numbers, including variations of a number. For example, "Dial extension four one zero zero," "Dial extension four one oh oh," or "Dial extension forty one hundred" are all recognized as commands to dial 4100. The Genie also recognizes "double", "triple", "treble", and "naught". The Genie does not let you say alphabetical characters in a dialing command, such as "1–800–VOC–ERA1".