Speech Zone Fallback for Smartbadge

The Speech Zone Fallback feature allows optimal speech recognition even if the Smartbadge is not within the speech zone.

A Smartbadge implements a speech zone during normal operations. However, when a Smartbadge is placed at an angle or a position that renders the speech zone ineffective, the Speech Zone Fallback feature interprets the orientation of the Smartbadge and changes the operation of the microphone array.

When the orientation of the Smartbadge shifts out of the speech zone, Speech Zone Fallback moves the microphone array from a multi-microphone directional array to a single omnidirectional microphone. This change results in a wider speech zone, where speech recognition is still successful.

The following illustration shows the speech zones for the Smartbadge.

The following illustration shows the Speech Zone Fallback activated.

It is still recommended to wear the Smartbadge in a position that directionally uses the array of microphones. But the automatic Speech Zone Fallback mechanism alleviates some of the difficulties with voice recognition when the Smartbadge is orientated incorrectly.