Attaching Patient Information to a Conversation

You can chat with care team members of the patients assigned to you. You can attach the details of the patient to the chat to set the context.

In the following example, Josh McNab navigated to the Home screen, selects the conversation had with Jen McMaster and sends a chat along with the patient information to set a context.

To share patient information with a user, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen.

    The list of patient list conversations and one-to-one conversations appear.

  2. Tap the conversation of the Patient you wish to chat.

    The details of patients assigned to you appear.

  3. Tap patient information.
    The chat screen is displayed.
  4. Tap the keyboard icon.
    The keyboard is displayed.
    Note: You can send quick messages if your administrator has created templates for quick messages.
  5. Type the message and press the send arrow.
    A chat message along, with the patient information is placed.