Using the DND/Hold Button

You can use the DND/Hold button on your Smartbadge if you do not want to be disturbed for a specific period. The DND/Hold button can be used in many ways to provide different results.

When you press the DND/Hold button while you are on any screen, the time options slide up from the bottom of the screen.

The following table provides information about how to use the DND button in different Smartbadge states:

Smartbadge State DND Button Action Result
Idle state (no active call) Short press Invokes DND
Active call Short press Places call on hold. Genie enunciates that call is on hold
Contact in focus (in the event list and directory list) Short press Invokes DND
Held call Short press Rejoin call
Held call and Active call Short press The second called party is put on hold and switches to the originally held call
Some important things to note while using the DND/Hold button on your Smartbadge are: