Chat using Speech-to-Text

You can send a chat message to a user using speech-to-text. You can begin a new chat or open an existing conversation.

In this example, Hannah Smith is starting a new chat with Ruby Poole.

To dictate a message within a conversation, perform the following steps:

  1. Tap Chat.
    The chat screen opens.

  2. Tap the Keyboard icon.
    The keyboard is displayed.

  3. Tap the Microphone icon on the keyboard.

    The genie screen is displayed with a long beep.

  4. Dictate your message.

    The speech message is converted to text.

  5. After you complete dictating your message, the following screen is displayed.

    Edit the message to make changes.
    Note: You can also edit the message by tapping the microphone button any number of times to append the dictated text at the end of the existing transcribed text.
  6. Tap the up arrow to send the message.
    The message is sent.