Using the Call Button

You can use the Call button on your Smartbadge to begin and end all voice communications. The Call button can be used in different ways to achieve different results.

The Call button is a touch sensor and is not a mechanical button. When a finger is placed on the call button, the button senses the presence of the finger, and after approximately 300 milliseconds, the button is triggered.

A small haptic feedback vibration is felt when the button triggers. The Call button must be operated with bare fingers, light gloves, and through thin clothing. The button will not trigger if you are using thick gloves or thick clothing.

The following table provides information about how to use the Call button in different Smartbadge states:

Smartbadge State Call Button Action Result
Idle state (no active call) Short press Invokes Genie
Active call Short press Terminates a call
Contact in focus (in the event list and directory list) Short press Places a call to the contact in focus
Held call Short press Invokes Genie