Accepting a Call

You can answer a call when you are not on DND mode. The audio path is opened up, and the calling party identification is enunciated by the Genie.

You can answer a call in the following ways:
The following table explains the badge status, audio interaction, screen display, and call button action to be taken during incoming calls:
Badge State Audio Interaction Screen Display Call Button Action


Incoming call

Chime, Incoming caller enunciated Incoming Call Answer call

Active Call

Call waiting

No Chime, Incoming caller name not enunciated

The Smartbadge vibrates

Call Waiting Answer the new call, places existing call on hold.

In Directories Screen

Chime, Incoming caller name enunciated Incoming call provides visual notification in foreground, previous activity in background Answer call

Genie Call

In session with Genie, such as Welcome tutorial

Genie is playing out audio stream

Genie is prompting the user with audio questions

Active call displayed, unless the user dismisses the screen and moves to another layer Confirm "Yes" response to Genie prompt

End audio playout and end call


Inbound call terminated by caller

As the inbound call is terminated by the caller, the Genie enunciates that an inbound call was missed The inbound call is displayed. When the inbound call is terminated, the Genie prompt appears while the missed call is enunciated Terminate the call by pressing the decline option


Inbound call timed out

While the incoming call is presented, the name of the calling party is enunciated by the Genie. When the call times out, the call end chime is heard. The inbound call is displayed. When the inbound call times out, the display returns to which ever screen it was on before the incoming call. No action required