Listening to Missed Calls and Message Histories

You can listen to the messages that you missed when you were logged off, out of network, or on another call.

Use the Who Called command to learn about incoming calls you received while you were logged off, out of network, or on another call. Genie plays the name or phone number of the caller and provides the date and time that the call was missed. If a name is not associated with the number of the incoming call, the number is announced. If both the name and phone number are known in the system, the name is used. If the call was to a group, Genie announces the names of the group and the person who is placing the call.

You can retrieve call histories for the current workday and the previous workday at a convenient time and not lose important data. In previous releases, call histories were played and automatically deleted after you logged in with your badge or issued the Who Called command. You can listen to both new and previously heard message histories and review them for two full working days or until you delete them.

After you hear your missed call history using the Who Called command, the Genie prompts you with, "Do you want to delete your call history?". You can respond "Yes" to remove your missed calls or "No" to keep them on the system for the remaining two day period.

While the Who Called commands provide you with the identity of the caller, they do not play the actual message. For instructions on how to retrieve and play your messages, see Listening to Messages.

This table lists the voice commands used to discover who called when you were off the network, logged out, forwarded a call, or on another call.
Action Recommended Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Find out who called or left a message while you were unavailable Who called? Who called me?
Find out who called or left a message on the current workday. Who called today? Who called me today?
Find out who called or left a message the day before. Who called yesterday? Who called me yesterday?
Note: You can use the Who Called commands even if the Missed Call Notification turned on or off. For more information, refer to Vocera Voice Server Administration Console Guide in the section titled, "Choosing Badge Notifications".