Using Speak or Spell

Speak or spell feature allows you to contact users, groups, or address book entries by either speaking or spelling their names in a voice command.

Spelling a name improves speech recognition because you are effectively uttering many more syllables than when you speak a name. In fact, spellings are so effective that they may work even when they are slightly incorrect.

In addition to speaking the full name, you can also spell either the first name, the last name, or both names to contact a person. For example, you can use any of the following commands to place a call to the user or address book entry Jesse Hart:

You must always speak or spell the full name to contact a group, place, or alternate spoken name. For example, you can use either of the following commands to place a call to the address book entry Poison Control:

A qualifier is an additional name, such as a department or a site, that helps to identify the party you are trying to contact in a voice command. You can either use spelling or qualifier in a voice command, but you cannot use both. Also, you cannot spell the name of the qualifier—only the party you are trying to contact.

For example, you can contact Maria Blount in the Imaging department by saying either "Call M - A - R - I - A" or "Call Maria in Imaging". You cannot use either "Call M - A - R - I - A in Imaging" or "Call Maria in I - M - A - G - I - N - G." For more information about using departments, refer to Calling with Department Names.

Note: Ensure that you speak with an even pace and say each letter distinctly when you spell a name. The Genie hears a spelling as a very long word, and you don't want to trip it up.