Using Code Lavender

You can schedule a Code Lavender® event or start a live Code Lavender broadcast event for group members to bring comfort and spiritual support during times of high stress.

Code Lavender® is considered an integrative medicine service and a vital tool to ensure that individuals are able to continue after being presented with a difficult case, diagnosis, or loss. Hospital staff, patients, and family members often fall victim to fatigue, despair, and generally negative feelings that may impact all attempts of healing. A Code Lavender event ensures that hospital employees, patients, and patient families feel that they have the mental and emotional strength and energy to cope with challenging situations.

Code Lavender is recommended after one of the following events:

Vocera Code Lavender feature allows group members to start a live broadcast call or schedule a reminder for a Code Lavender event to begin at a later time. All recipients of the Code Lavender call are notified with a voice message, email (if configured), and a voice reminder. The badge halo turns to purple color for 5 minutes indicating the start of the Code Lavender event.

Code Lavender is configured at Site, and your administrator can designate an existing group as the Code Lavender group, or add specific members to a group utilizing it as the Code Lavender Broadcast group. Members of this group and the target recipient group receive Code Lavender broadcast calls as well as scheduled event reminders.