Dialing a Phone Number to Urgently Broadcast to a Group

Using a phone, a user can dial the prefix for urgent broadcasts (666 by default) followed by the telephone extension of a group to make an urgent broadcast to a group of Vocera users.

The Dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) method of initiating an urgent broadcast is fast and it bypasses the Genie. It thus avoids potential speech recognition problems. This feature is also available if you access the Genie from a standard phone by calling the Vocera hunt number.

For example, if the prefix for urgent broadcasts is 666 and the extension for the Charge Nurse group is 5800, you could send an urgent broadcast to the Charge Nurse group by dialing 6665800 and then pressing .

Note: The prefix for urgent broadcasts is configurable. Check with your Vocera administrator for the prefix used by your Vocera system.