Training the Genie to learn more commands

If you use "Learn More Commands" at a later time, the Genie can automatically skip commands it has already learned.

The Genie also lets you manually skip through the command list so you can re-record specific commands. For example, if the Genie did not learn certain commands properly during a previous training session, you can rerecord just those specific commands. For a list of additional commands that you can train your Genie to learn, see List of Additional Commands that Genie Can Learn.

To train the Genie to learn more commands, perform the following tasks:

  1. Press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say, "Learn more commands."
  2. When the Genie asks if you want to skip over the commands it has already learned, do either of the following:
    • Say "Yes" to have the Genie automatically skip commands you have recorded.

      The Genie prompts you to record only commands it has not already learned.

    • Say "No" so you can manually skip commands or record all of them again.

      The Genie prompts you to record each command, starting at the beginning of the list.

  3. Use the Call button to skip through the list, recording or re-recording commands.

    If you skip a command you have already recorded, it is not erased.

  4. Quit at any time by pressing the Hold/DND button.

    The Genie tells you it is quitting and remembers the commands it has learned.