Talking with a third person

You can put a call on hold and talk to a third person.

To talk with a third person, perform the following tasks:
  1. Press the Hold/DND button, while on a two-party call.
  2. Wait for the Genie to confirm that your first call is on hold, and then press the Call button.
  3. Say Call First and last names of the new user.
  4. When you finish speaking to the new party, press the Hold/DND button.

    The Genie asks if you want to conference the parties.

  5. Answer in either of the following ways:
    • Say "Yes" to create a three-way conference call between you and the other two parties.

    • Say "No" to place the new party on hold while you speak with the original caller.

  6. If you placed one call on hold, you could optionally press the Hold/DND button at any time to switch between the original caller and the new party.

    Each time, the Genie asks if you want that party to join your existing call.

  7. To end a call, press the Call button.

    Either of the following situations occurs:

    • If the calls are conferenced together, your device hangs up, and the other two parties may continue to talk or hang up also.

    • If one call is on hold, the party you were speaking with is disconnected, and your device returns to the other call.