Scheduling a Code Lavender Call

You must have Code Lavender enabled for your Site to schedule a Code Lavender call.
For scheduled Code Lavender calls, badge prompt directs the user to specify a time within 24 hours and record a Code Lavender voice message. All recipients receive a voice message, email notification (if configured), and voice reminders immediately. Recipients are also reminded 15 minutes prior to the start of the event and the recorded voice message is replayed.
For example, If a scheduled Code Lavender event is set for 3:15 pm, a reminder is played on the badges at 3:00 pm and an email reminder is sent to the recipients to remind that, "the code lavender event is starting in 15 minutes ."
Note: VCS users will not hear this prompt.
  1. Press the Call button and say, "Schedule a Code Lavender for <group name> ."
    Genie responds with, "Okay, I will schedule a Code Lavender for <group name>, when do you want me to schedule it ?"
  2. Say the time (in hours and minutes), for example, at 3:15 pm.
    Genie confirms by saying, "I think you said 3:15 pm, is this correct ?"
  3. Say "yes" to confirm.
    Genie responds with , "record a reminder at the tone and press the Call button when you finish".
  4. Record your Code Lavender voice message after the tone and press the Call button.
    Genie responds with, "should I schedule that reminder at 3:00 pm (15 minutes prior to the scheduled event)."
  5. Say "yes" to confirm. All the recipients receive an alert tone and a Code Lavender voice message immediately.
    Your recorded reminder is played 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the Code Lavender event.