Joining and Leaving a Conference

The Join command places you in a conference. Once you are there, you simply press and hold the Call button to speak to everyone else in the conference. You do not have to wait for call setup, speech recognition, or Genie interactions.

Everyone in a conference can hear you, anyone in a conference can reply as soon as you release the Call button, and everyone hears the reply immediately.

Every group has a conference associated with it. For example, if your site has set up groups called Managers and Cashiers, you automatically have access to conferences with those names. You do not need to be a group member to use its conference; however, your system administrator does need to grant you the Conference permission.

To join or leave a conference, use the "Join" or "Leave" commands with the name of the conference; for example:

"Join the conference for Managers"

"Leave the conference for Cashiers"

The Genie speaks a confirmation when you join or leave a conference. Also, the Genie announces how many other users are in the conference when you join.

You cannot be in more than one conference at the same time. If you use the "Join" command when you are already in a conference, Vocera automatically takes you out of the first conference and places you in the second one.