Working with Genie Help

The Genie Help is interactive and walks you through a series of questions and responses to address your issue.

Logging in on Your Badge for the First Time

When you log in on your Badge for the first time, Genie guides you through a series of prompts to record your name. Once your name recording is complete, Genie announces, "You can get help on how to use commands by saying, Genie help!".

Getting Started with Genie Help

After you initiate the Help Genie and speak your question, the Help Genie does one of the following:
  • Says "I didn't understand" if the question was unclear and then repeats, "What would you like help with?".
  • Suggests a help topic if the Help Genie is unsure and asks if this is correct.
  • Launches directly into answering the question.

When the Help Genie discovers the correct category, and you receive the answer, the Help Genie session ends. If you have additional questions, you can invoke the Help Genie by pressing the Call button and using the Help command. For more information, refer to Invoking Genie Help.