Funny Genie Mode

It is easy to turn Funny Genie mode on and off by using a simple Voice command.

When you enable the Funny Genie, you hear an alternate set of prompts and a series of different and unusual responses.

Turning Funny Genie mode on and off:
  1. Press the Call button on your Vocera badge.
  2. Say the following command depending on your desired selection:
    • "Turn on the funny Genie"
    • "Turn off the funny Genie"
When enabled, you will be greeted by the Funny Genie every time you press the Call button.

The table below shows the user actions and commands you can use to interact with the Funny Genie.

User action or commands The Genie Says
Press Call
  • Vocera, Vocera, Vocera...
  • Waz up!
  • Not you again?
  • Aloha!
Note: This list is not exhaustive since the Funny Genie likes to surprise you.
"Turn the Funny Genie On" Well alright, I'm turning on the funny Genie
"Turn the Funny Genie Off " Oh alright, I'm turning the Funny Genie off