Summary of Conference Commands

Here is an example of a conference call commands that you can use.

The table below lists the commands needed to initiate, join or communicate during a conference.

Action Recommended Voice Commands
Join a conference * Join conference for Intensive Care.
Leave a conference * Leave conference for Intensive Care.
Start conferencing or reply (when you are in a conference)
  1. Press and hold the Call button.
    • If it is OK to talk, you hear a beep. Other users also hear a beep to indicate that an instant conference is starting.

    • If somebody else in the conference has already started to speak, you hear a chirp.

  2. Begin speaking.

    Everyone in the conference hears you immediately.

  3. When finished, release the Call button.

    Everyone in the conference hears a chirp, letting them know they can now reply.

Find out what conference you are in What conference am I in?
Find out who is in your conference Who is in my conference?
Find out who is in any conference Who is in the conference for Intensive Care?