Calling an Address Book Entry or Buddy

The voice commands let you contact callers in your address book and buddy list.

The Vocera system provides an address book for the names and phone numbers of people who are not Vocera users. Your system administrator sets up and maintains this address book, but all users can access the names of people and places it contains from their Vocera devices.

For example, if Vocera users frequently need to contact local businesses, your Vocera administrator can enter the business names and phone numbers in the address book. Then, getting a price quotation from Northwestern Hardware can be as simple as using a badge or phone to say "Call Northwestern."

If you have access to the User Console, you can also set up a private address book of Outside Buddies. Your buddy list contains the names, nicknames, and contact information for friends who are not Vocera users. For example, if you set up My Mom as an outside buddy, you can say, "Call My Mom" to dial her phone number. For complete information about setting up buddies refer to Vocera User Console Guide.

Vocera requires you to have separate permissions to call toll and toll-free phone numbers. You need one or both of these permissions to contact names in your private address book. You do not need any special permissions to contact a person or place in the system address book.

In addition to the Call command, you can use address book entries and buddies in the following voice commands:

Action Recommended Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Call an address book entry * Call Poison Control.

Find Poison Control.

Get me Poison Control.

Contact Poison Control.

Call an outside buddy * Call My Mom.

Find My Mom.

Get me My Mom.

Contact My Mom.