Using the Announce through Speaker Commands

When you use a headset or badge with a managed lanyard, the badge automatically plays all audio through it by default.

Consequently, if you do not wear your headset all the time, you may not hear an incoming call or message announcement, and you may not know that someone is trying to contact you.

The Announce through Speaker property lets you customize that behavior:

If you turn on Announce through Speaker, you can leave your headset plugged in, and simply put it on to communicate after you hear the announcement.

When your headset is not plugged in, all calls, messages, and announcements play through the speaker, as usual, regardless of the Announce through Speaker setting.

Use the following commands to control the Announce through Speaker property:

Action Recommended Voice Commands
Play announcements through badge speaker when headset plugged in Turn announce through speaker on.
Play announcements through headset when headset plugged in Turn announce through speaker off.