Getting Started with the Vocera Badge

Your Vocera device provides fast, simple, person-to-person communication over the wireless network of your company.

Using voice commands, Vocera instantly connects you to the people you need to reach, reducing phone tag, overhead paging, and physically searching for a person. It also gives you the freedom to be mobile, even when you are expecting an important call.

The Vocera badge has a built-in speaker, microphone, and radio, plus a display that shows caller ID and messages. Attachment options for the badge allow hands-free operation.

Vocera devices communicate through your in-house wireless local area network (WLAN). This design permits people to reach you even in areas where cellular phones experience what people call dead spots. Also, since Vocera devices transmit and receive calls in a different frequency range than cellular phones, you can use a Vocera device in areas where cellular phones are prohibited because of concerns about interference with other equipment.

A central computer, the Vocera Server, controls all Vocera device communications. If you have a Vocera Smartphone, it communicates with the Vocera Server through a separate Vocera Client Gateway. As you use your Vocera badge or phone, you are prompted by the Genie, which is the voice interface to the server. The Genie recognizes simple commands in verb-noun format. For example:

"Call Charles Jones."

"Record a message for Tech Support."

"Block all calls."

Vocera devices use voice commands, and the system is easy to learn, hence you can start using your badge or phone immediately.