Using the Welcome Tutorial on the Badge

Even if you have had a training session on the use of the badge, you may find it hard to remember the basics that seemed so simple in the classroom.

The Genie provides a brief and witty welcome tutorial to bring you up to speed in badge use. The tutorial is easy to use, and it covers enough of the basics to help your experience with the badge be a positive one. During the tutorial, the Genie describes how to use the badge, records your name, and shows you how to make a call. You can end the tutorial at any time by pressing the Hold/DND button. You can play the tutorial as many times as you want, or you can return at a later time to the section that records commands.

To listen to the welcome tutorial, you can use the voice command Play Welcome Tutorial. Alternatively, you can use Play Welcome.

Note: Although the smartphone allows you to play the badge tutorial, the information is specific to a badge and therefore may not help you learn how to use the phone.