Working with Do Not Disturb

There may be times when it is inconvenient for you to receive calls and message notifications from the Genie. The best way to block calls temporarily is to press the Hold/DND button. When you are ready to resume accepting calls, press the Hold/DND button again.

On a badge, a light at the top of your badge flashes yellow to remind you that you are in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. Also, your badge or phone will beep every 15 minutes to remind you, unless your system administrator turns off this setting.

When you put the badge or phone in DND mode, some calls may still be put through. VIP buddies or a person with VIP status can optionally interrupt DND mode, and an urgent call is always connected.

The Genie tells VIP buddies and callers who have VIP Status that you are not accepting calls right now, and asks them "Do you want me to break through?" If they confirm, the Genie calls your Vocera device. VIP Status is a permission granted by the system administrator.

Urgent calls and urgent broadcasts always break into DND mode. You do not get the opportunity to reject them. The system administrator must grant a user permission to make urgent calls and broadcasts.