Possible Touch-Tone Responses

IVR systems often require you to press the pound (#) or star (*) key during an interaction.

Also, telephones in some countries have a few alphabetical keys without numbers that you may have to use. The following table lists the digits, letters and special characters you can speak in touch tone mode.

Supported Characters How to Speak Them
The digits 0 through 9. Say “Zero,” not “Oh” or “Naught.” Speak only single digits; do not use “Double” or “Treble”.
The letters A through D. Speak “Ay,” “Bee,” “See,” or “Dee.”

Do either of the following:

  • In the US or Canada, say “Pound” or “Sharp.”

  • In the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, say “Pound,” “Sharp,” or “Hash.”

* Say “Star,” not “Asterisk.”